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Hey there, I'm Josh The Founder

When I founded Niantic Systems in 2007, the goal was simple: provide intuitive solutions that are on time and cost effective. The old adage is if you want good, fast, and cheap, you can only get two out of three. But Niantic breaks the mold and delivers on all fronts: quality products on schedule within budget.

What makes this possible is exactly what separates us from others: our exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients so we truly understand their needs. Again and again, we anticipate their requests and exceed their expectations, but not their resources.

While there are thousands of developers around the world, you'll be hard-pressed to find those as accessible, reliable, and patient as we are. We genuinely enjoy engaging with our customers and helping them find the right solution for every issue. We become an integral part of your work team dedicated to making your jobs easier.

Find out for yourself why our average customer engagement is over 10 years. In a constantly evolving world, Niantic clients appreciate knowing that our support will be just as helpful and dependable as always. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Featured Applications

  • Epic Radiology CRM

    Ask about our Epic integrated radiology CRM used for marketing activity and volume reporting.
  • eRAD Radiology CRM

    Ask about our Radiology CRM integrated with eRAD RIS for tracking relationships between referrers, practices and volumes.
  • CMiC Customizations

    We have a decade of experience building custom reports for your existing CMiC installation, in addition to providing a web based module for interactive reporting and charting.
  • Covid-19 Patient Tracking

    Do you need to get a better understanding of your current patient load? Contact us to find out about our Covid-19 Patient Tracker.
  • Other Radiology based Applications

    In addition to our CRMs, we have applications to track Controlled Substances, Onsite Incidents, Required Training, Policy Acknowledgements, Legal Requests, and more.
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I have been in the technology field for twenty-five years, but working with customers to solve problems is truly my passion. Whether we are customizing something that already exists, or starting from scratch, I know we can work together to create something terrific.

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After working a as developer for over thirty years at a large system integrator, I have taken those skills to apply them to multiple industries to help customers solve their unique problems.

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I have forty years of experience mananging Oracle databases and infrastructure for large scale enterprise operations. After applications are deployed, my expertise ensures that they continue to run hassle-free for the future.

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